 Two (2) bedroom Semidetached  Two (2) bedroom blocks of flats  Three (3) bedroom detached bungalow  Four (4) bedroom duplexes


 Ten (10) units of terrace with paint house in Mabushi


 23 units of facility mall in Kubwa


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Our story

Dantata town developers limited, is a real estate/construction firm. That is fully integrated into the business of construction, Sales management of housing in and around the federal Capital city of Abuja, Nigeria. Our company operates under the expertise of skilled workers and professionals in the fields of engineering, Architecture, entrepreneurship, human Resource and marketing.

To establish DTD (Dantata town developers limited),
As a prominent construction firm in Nigeria and the
leading provider of convenient, qualitative and
affordable housing for prospective investors
across the globe

Our3 Bedroom Semi Detached Bungalow

Square meters = 500 Rooms = 6, maid inclusive Toilets = 8 Living room = 3

Well-ventilated and functional design. Ÿ Full living room and bedrooms (tenants can make different interior fittings) Ÿ POP ceiling and wall finishing. Ÿ Fitted Kitchen with store. Ÿ Balcony Ÿ Parking space that can accommodate two cars for each apartment

“Payment Options.”

Initial deposit is 30%, another20% to paid after 120 days, another 20% to be paid after 120 days followed by another 20% in another 120days to balance up with 10% for handing over.

Initial deposits of 50% and the rest is spread over 24 months, this option attracts an extra 20% of the original price of the house.

FOR SHOPS - Outright payment attracts 5% discount 3. 60% down payment and 40% to be paid within 6 months’ period. Payment extension period will not be entertained 4. Shop will be handed over after full payment is made

2 Bedroom Semi Detached Bungalow

Square meters = 300 Rooms = 3 maid apartment inclusive Toilets = 4 Living room = 1

2 bedroom at carcass level

Is built to provide you with basic amenities for modern living

Well-ventilated and functional design. Ÿ POP ceiling and wall finishing Ÿ Fitted Kitchen with store. Ÿ Car parking space Ÿ Backyard Ÿ Full living room and bedrooms (tenants can choose different interior fittings)


 Located in Kubwa the peace satellite town of Abuja FCT  It is about 20 minutes drive from Abuja central business district and 40 minutes drives to the international airport

Our luxury collection

The terrace luxury apartment, comes with exceptional building specifications and contemporary facilities Offering you a unique lifestyle

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