What Kind Of Properties Do You Sell?

    We sell and develop different categories of properties (commercial and residential). With different options of delivery, e.g., plots/D.P.C., carcasses, shells, and finished buildings.

    Where Are Your Projects Located?

    Our projects are in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, and other parts of the country.

    How Close Are Your Projects To The Central Of Abuja?

    All our projects are in close proximity to the city center.

    Do You Have Any Discount On Your Properties?

    Yes, we do. 5% discount on outright payment or payment within 30 days

    What Are DPC?

    Is a plot of land that comes with a substructure (damp proof course) foundation.

    How Do I Make Payments?

    Through bank transfers or deposits to any of our designated bank accounts.

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Homeowner With You?

    Through bank transfers or deposits to any of our designated bank accounts.

    When Is The Estimated Project Delivery Time Of Your Properties?

    24 months from the day of your first deposit

    How Long Does It Take To Get An Allocation?

    Within 2 weeks after paying your initial deposit

    Do I Have To Come Down To Your Office Before I Can Key Into Your Properties?

    No. The process can be carried out without your presence.

    What Are Carcass Houses?

    The features of a carcass house include complete block work, roofing, electrical piping (no cable), and inlet plumbing piping.

    Do You Have Houses Within My Budget?

    We can help you structure your plan according to your budget.

    What Are The Prices For Each Type Of Property?

    Kindly contact our marketing team at 08090500100 or send an email via our contact pages. We are also available on major social media platforms to answer your requests.

    What Is The Process To Key Into Your Project?

    By obtaining and filling out our application form (for a non-refundable fee of twenty thousand naira only), a required initial deposit is to be paid into our designated bank account to qualify you for allocation.

    How Flexible Is Your Payment Plan?

    Our payment plans are flexible; we have up to a 24-month payment plan depending on the property type subscribed to.

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