Dantata Square Kano

Dantata Square Kano Airport Road, FAGGE 700213, Kano, Kano.

Welcome to Dantata Square, your gateway to comfort and luxury in Kano!

Discover convenience and opulence at our newest project, strategically situated on Airport Road in the lively Fagge neighbourhood. Dantata Square beckons with a unique blend of commercial and residential possibilities. Our exquisite 3-story office and shop spaces, each spanning 60 square meters per floor, promise an ideal setting for thriving businesses. Meanwhile, our spacious residential plots, measuring 450 square meters, provide the canvas for crafting the lavish and snug homes you’ve always dreamed of.

Plot Types

Standard(Residential)- 450sqm
Terrace(Commercial)- 60Sqm


Whether you are searching for a tranquil home or a dynamic office space designed for success, Dantata Square is your ultimate destination. Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of sophistication and practicality within Kano’s bustling commercial core. Your dream property awaits at Dantata Square – where comfort and luxury converge!

As a leading Real Estate Development Company based in Abuja, Nigeria, we are committed to crafting a world of endless possibilities. Our passion lies in building dreams, recognising the evolving needs of a growing population and changing economies in Nigeria and West Africa. We integrate sustainability into every home, ensuring our properties reflect prices and deliver unparalleled value. 

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