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Real Estate Ideas

Real Estate Ideas

Residential Real Estate –

You can invest in townhouses, vacation homes and apartments buildings where people live in exchange for a monthly rent. All the particulars of the tenancy are put in the rental agreement and undersigned by both you (the landlord) and him (the tenant). In most countries, tenancy lease agreements last 12 months upon which they can be renewed or terminated.

Commercial Real Estate-

These are essentially office buildings. The property can be a small building where you lease to small business owners or skyscrapers that can host a big government department. The lease agreements usually last for several years. The amount of rent payable is calculated per square meters.

Industrial Real Estate –

Warehouses, distribution centers, factory buildings, storage units etc. fall under this form of real estate investment. They offer significant revenue to the investors as they are usually long-term. Additional investments that you can make under industrial real estate are ancillary revenue streams such as car wash machines, dispensing machines etc.

Retail Real Estate –

Shopping malls, multi-use buildings, retail storefronts etc. fall under this category of real estate investment. Apart from the base rent agreed between the landlord (investor) and the tenant, additional money generated from sales by the property’s occupant can be remitted to the investor’s account.

Most investors in this category look for an anchor tenant (usually a big supermarket) to drive traffic into the building.

Mixed-use Real Estate –

If you combine all the above, you get a multi-use real estate investment. Investors in this segment do so looking to diversify their options of potential occupants. You will have an anchor tenant followed by other businesses such as insurance firms, banks, shopping stalls etc.

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